Identifying and Certifying Halal Goods, Services, and Operations Within the United States

The American Halal Institute is a non-profit organization built around identifying and certifying Halal goods, services, and other operations within the United States. As it currently stands, there are no official criteria for determining what is “Halal” in the American marketplace. This is a disservice to the American Muslim population, who deserve to know whether the products and services they purchase comply with their religious sensibilities.

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The Growing Voice Of Muslim Consumers

This growing voice of Muslim consumers also deserves the peace of mind with their choices on the shelves and at the shops. The “Halal” items that are currently sold across the country are not subject to rigorous Sharia inspection. Instead, they are simply labeled “Halal” by the product manufacturers and suppliers.

Non-Profit Organization

Our non-profit organization focuses on building consumer confidence. We offer a transparent Halal certification process to ensure that the products American Muslims are buying are within the boundaries of Islamic law. With our deep interest and in the best interest of the Muslim community. Along with our comprehensive certification procedure, we can guarantee that any product bearing our Halal label is safe. This allows for competent purchase and consumption. This is a trust to our brothers and sisters across the country.

When customers see a Halal stamp offered by the American Halal Institute, they can be sure that these goods have undergone rigorous testing, auditing, and assessment. More importantly, the consumers will know that the manufacturers and suppliers of these goods have been thoroughly inspected. Therefore making sure that everything trustworthy and safe from an Islamic perspective. This means that any supplier and manufacturer who applies for our Halal certification must be a company the customers can fully support. It is important, knowing these companies care about Muslims in America.


Beyond upholding the Halal standard for consumers, the goal of the American Halal Institute is to raise awareness of Halal goods and services within the United States. We are working towards this aim by building a network of companies. A network that understands the benefits of Halal products from a religious and economic standpoint. This network will sustain itself through the trust of one another. Thus producing and selling Halal and the trust of consumers who know the reliability of these companies.

The relationships we are fostering around the country include more than suppliers and manufacturers. We also work closely with food testing laboratories to thoroughly test every food item and ingredient. This ensures everything is Halal in every way. Through our ties to the Islamic University of Malaysia, we also offer educational courses for companies into the meaning, merits, and method of Halal production.

Founded by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT)

The American Halal Institute, built upon promoting the numerous benefits of Halal production within the United States. Our company firmly believes that American Muslims deserve better than what currently exists. With regards to knowing whether their money is going towards Halal. Through our comprehensive and transparent standards, we hope to spread awareness of Halal throughout the country. Therefore giving consumers confidence in their purchases.

Best Halal Practices
Standardizing Halal Certification
The Difference Between Halal and Zabiha
Best Halal Practices
Standardizing Halal Certification
The Difference Between Halal and Zabiha