Training for a Halal Lifestyle

Certifying Halal goods and services is an important goal of the American Halal Institute. However, in order to do this successfully, education into what Halal means and the implications of pursuing it or going against the regulations must also be pursued. Therefore, we are offering training for companies that wish to certify their products as Halal. Thus, achieving Sharia permissible standards in the manufacturing, developing, and handling of food items.

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Courses Led By Muslim Scholars

These courses will be led by scholars who understand Sharia from every angle and can guide the food and goods producers along the way into knowing what Muslims expect and need from the products they consume. There is a common misconception among many food experts and even among Muslims themselves that Halal only refers to the method of slaughtering meat. While this is one element of Halal, and an important one that should not be overlooked, there are other things to consider for foodstuffs and ingredients that many people aren’t aware of. We hope to bring awareness to producers, suppliers, and consumers into why Halal is important and how to fully obtain it.

Necessary Courses for Companies

We don’t hand out our Halal certification lightly. Building our organization on the trust of Muslim consumers, we take labeling a product as Halal as a trust between ourselves, God, and the consumer. Of course, not everything can be made in a Halal way. However, there are normally very simple changes a company can make in its manufacturing process. These changes allow making an item permissible for Muslim consumption.

For companies who have no idea how to make these changes and why these changes are crucial towards getting a Halal certification, we will offer crucial courses led by Islamic scholars. Sample courses include:

  • Why Halal is Important
  • Halal ingredients
  • Benefits of Making Halal Goods
  • How to Handle Food in a Halal Way
  • Halal Logistics
  • Halal Auditing
  • And More!

You can’t do anything if you don’t have the know-how. You won’t do anything if you don’t know why. We offer the educational resources necessary to teach manufacturers and suppliers. This enables the understanding of both the hows and whys of making and selling Halal. Therefore, not only will they continue to make excellent products that Muslims can enjoy, but they will realize why Halal is so critical in the first place.

Collaboration with the Islamic University of Malaysia

Although we have our own Sharia experts on staff, we love building quality relationships with companies and scholarship. We utilize our ties with the Islamic University of Malaysia. This allows us to deliver courses that are both educational and engaging. Thus, creating classes led by scholars who teach the merits and limits of Halal as their profession. We promise a comprehensive training regiment that can benefit any company. Whether large or small, currently making Halal or never considered Halal at all, the course are extremely educational. As a result, both Muslims and Non-Muslims will benefit.

Best Halal Practices
Standardizing Halal Certification
The Difference Between Halal and Zabiha
Best Halal Practices
Standardizing Halal Certification
The Difference Between Halal and Zabiha