Ensuring Compliance With Sharia Regulations

In order to determine whether a product is Halal or not, thorough lab testing is necessary. More than simply taking a company at its word that they are using Halal ingredients throughout the manufacturing process, we need to ensure that every element that goes into the production is compliant with the Sharia regulations necessary to deem it Halal. As such, the American Halal Institute dedicates to building a team of qualified laboratory technicians. These technicians inspect the products at every stage. Therefore making sure that everything going into a product we certify is safe for American Muslim consumption.

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Today, the American Halal Institute is in the process of building its own lab and employing the best researchers we can find

However, this is a process that takes time. As of now, we have established relationships with some of the most trustworthy labs in our network. Enabling the labs to handle the research on our behalf. Of course, because we have consumer trust at the forefront of our organization, we will work closely with these lab technicians to check everything thoroughly before giving our stamp of approval.

Halal products must be built using Halal ingredients

As simple as it sounds, this is a concept our team at American Halal Institute takes quite seriously. Before certifying any product as being Halal, we make sure that we inspect the manufacturing process’s every step. With a team understanding of Sharia regulations necessary for something to be Halal, we ignore no element of productions. Our Halal certification means a lot to us. Therefore we hope it will mean to the American Muslim consumers across the country. Thus, research and elaborate lab testing should be assumed by customers when they look for the American Halal Institute stamp on their favorite product.

We Take Ingredient Testing Seriously

Testing of food ingredients occurs in the laboratory. In fact, in order to determine the nutritional information for any edible good, lab testing is necessary. While keeping your body healthy is important, we believe making sure you consume only Halal in every way is a much more important component to living in the West. Sadly, there is no oversight or standard in the American marketplace as to which products are Halal. This leads to confusion to which should be avoided. In order to build such a consumer and company trusted Halal certification system, we take lab testing of every ingredient quite seriously.

We are not concerned with how much iron, protein, or trans fat an item has. However, using the same technology, we can go through every element going into the food products you purchase on a regular basis. Therefore allowing us to label which comply with Islamic dietary regulations and which do not.

Common food testing labs focus on consumer questions such as shelf-life, food safety, and testing for allergens. Using our partnerships with these labs, and working towards building our own lab in the near future, we can add awareness for Halal.

Future Areas of Research

The American Halal Institute is also working towards building a complete research team. This will determine and solicit Halal alternatives to common food items that are not allowed in Islam. For example, pepperoni is a common pizza topping that Muslims should have an alternative for, giving the American Muslims the same food experience as everyone else. Gelatin is a common ingredient in many types of breakfast cereals and sweet candies. With our focus towards improving the lives of Muslims in this country, we can build relationships with manufacturers. This will ensure Halal ingredients are made and used across the food industry.

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