Our Halal Certification is Straightforward

With trust as our organization’s primary concern, this inspection and auditing process is fully transparent at every step of the way. As simple and straightforward as our certification process is, the implications of labeling something as Halal can be enormous.

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We wouldn’t dream about misleading Muslim consumers or product suppliers and manufacturers

Should a product or service fail to receive a Halal certification, we would be fully transparent with the reasons why. More than this, we would be more than happy to initiate training programs for these companies. They then could be successful in producing Halal goods in the future. The more quality Halal goods on the marker, the better for everyone. Companies make more money and Muslim consumers have the goods they desire and require.

Our Halal certification procedure helps companies hoping to serve American Muslims to build trust within the community. Although individual products and services can differ, our Halal Certification process remains true in:

  • A company seeking a Halal certification submits their company information and documentation to our organization for review.
  • Sending Inspectors to visit the company and observe the manufacturing process in-depth. This will include the ingredients and handling of products.
  • Auditing every aspect of the manufacturing process by our inspectors. Its also cross-referenced with other team members for a thorough analysis.
  • The information obtained from the inspection and audit is then passed to our Sharia Supervisors.  They will issue the final assessment.
  • Once all information is processed, they will receive a Halal Certification for the goods or services.

Kosher Certification, Why Not Halal?

American Muslims are very familiar with looking for one of the stamps on food products which indicates whether the item is Kosher or not. They use these labels as a basic guideline to determine what they can eat or not. Although the dietary regulations between Judaism and Islam are not identical. Although this temporary solution serves the Muslims in some capacity, the American Halal Institute is saddened that there is no such standardized certification system in place for Muslims in the US. We are here to change that.

By fostering relationships with product manufacturers and suppliers, the American Jewish population was able to push forth their dietary needs into the food production process. We commend the effort of the religious leaders of this community. American Halal hopes to remedy the solution for Muslims very soon! They will no longer need to search for the “K” and the “U” on the food item’s packaging. Instead, our certification will soon ease the hearts and minds of Muslims in America who are seeking Halal goods.

More Than a Stamp

The certification process handled by the American Halal Institute is more than just another stamp on a food package. It means we test the food and all its’ ingredients in every conceivable way to guarantee an item complying with Sharia. We make it easy to manufacture and consume Halal in the United States.

Best Halal Practices
Standardizing Halal Certification
The Difference Between Halal and Zabiha
Best Halal Practices
Standardizing Halal Certification
The Difference Between Halal and Zabiha